Our Purpose

Sure Connexions' purpose is to encourage, inspire and empower everyday people by connecting them to the Truth, the Life and the Way during the workweek.


Our lunchtime events provide:

A time/place for people who desire to stretch and grow in their inner-person to learn from one another during the lunch hour on a weekday (Monday-Friday).

An opportunity to communicate who you are and what you do professionally. We recognize attendees and their organizations to our audience in an effort to help one another connect and grow in each person's unique calling.

World-class speakers who have lived a life worthy of sharing insights and perspecives on life and godliness.

Focus is to build up one another in heart, mind and soul, not divide by our differences.

Emphasize that work and faith are not mutually exclusive. Sure Connexions promotes the outlook that despite peoples' unique vocations, we all face common struggles; therefore by connecting to lives of pioneers ambitious to live a life above reproach, we can grow!



How Can I Support Sure Connexions?

Circle the date for our next lunch and register today!

Prayerfully consider who you can invite or tell about our next lunch.

Tell us if you have ideas or an hour to volunteer with us this month!

As an all-volunteer organization we have the ongoing need for "in-kind donations" of graphic art, video, and communication talent. Since we frequently have "Door Prizes," people can also support Sure Connexions by donating gift cards or retail merchandise.

We do accept gift donations by check made payable to Sure Connexions, Inc. As a qualified 501(c)3, gifts are tax-deductible.

Tell someone where you're going and "Come Hungry, Leave Inspired!"

Where everyday people meet DIVINE inspiration!